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7 Simple healthy-eating tips for busy moms

Some moms make healthy eating look effortless. I mean, just look at their Instagrams! But the truth is it takes quite a bit of practice, trial-and-error, turned-up noses and scraped together leftovers to know what works for them and the whole family.

This guide first showed up on  7 simple healthy-eating tips for women, but here’s my take for busy moms like me! Here are 7 simple healthy-eating tips for busy moms (and their families!):

  1. Always have a meal plan. Junk food and fast food are popular because they are fast and easy. But, when planned ahead healthy food can be fast and easy too! Protein shakes or meal-in-a-bars are perfect whenever you’re in a pinch. Cook in bulk and refrigerate or freeze portions for the rest of the week.
  2. Choose your snacks well before you need them. Most snacks derail us because they are empty calories with little nutritional value. Choose healthy snack bars, fruit, cut vegetables and dip, nuts and seeds, to bring to work or school, to keep in your purse or bag, and handy at home.
  3. Don’t be boring! Nobody likes bland food! Bring out the flavor of food with spices, garlic, herbs, olive oil, adequate salt, etc.
  4. Eat a rainbow. Plants contain protective compounds call phytochemicals that not only give them color but also protect them. And the protective properties extend to us when we eat them! The more variety of colors, the more protection we give our bodies.
  5. Know what nutrients you need. Women need less overall calories than do men. So eat high fiber foods that are filling but also lower in calories. For example, prepare a small salad to eat at every meal. Women require more calcium and iron than men. B vitamins (especially folate) are critical if your expecting or might become pregnant. Vitamin D and essential fatty acids are also important for women’s health. Keep a daily dose of your supplements in your purse or wallet so that you ensure you’re giving your body what it needs even if you’re on the go.
  6. Add freshness and cut the junk. Eat more foods as close to nature as possible. If you make this your intention, you will naturally eat less of the high-sugar, processed food because you’re full of healthy, fresh, fibrous food.
  7. Stay Dry. But I don’t mean from rain. I mean, keep away from alcohol: first, it provides empty calories. Second, you will tend to eat more if you drink. There are other ways to socialize and relax at the end of a long day that will help keep busy moms healthy and de-stressed. Want to learn what they are? Stay tuned for my next blog post!

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