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Take Care of Your Heart, Woman

Did you know that the #1 cause of death in women is a heart attack?! Fortunately 80% of heart disease is preventable! One of my favorite sayings is, "Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger." Those early memories of my parents being health conscious and it has given me, from a young age, an appreciation for life and health so much that I made a career of it, and continue to live it and promote it passionately. Even more so now that I have my son who I want to sent an example for and who I want to be around to see his life unfold.

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Video: Senior shows 20-year old at the Gym how it’s done

Every now and then something comes up that encourages me to pause and reflect if what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis--especially in the area of health--will serve me when I am a senior. I want to be that Senior teaching the young ones how it's done!